Our team


Father of our growing family and a leader in the architectural field with over 33 years of experience. Daryl founded Harvan Design in 1999. He is responsible for supervision of all work completed in the office and has achieved much in his life, but his proudest accomplishments are his marriage to his wife, Deanna, of 26 years and his three beautiful daughters. An avid fitness and sports fanatic, Daryl brings the same intensity to his spiritual life as to his family and work. An unabashed follower of Jesus, Daryl spends as much of the little free time he has working in his local church, volunteering as a Chaplain at his local football/cricket club and following the mighty Tigers (current premiers in case you didn't know) in the AFL. A self confessed chocoholic, don't even think of walking past him with any Cadbury chocolate. You might just lose a finger.


Husband and father of two beautiful children, Scott is one of our office managers & resident outdoors-man and adrenalin junkie. He loves spending his time riding motocross, trail biking, surfing, snowboarding, fishing, camping, and landscaping. Supremely confident, but never arrogant, Scott brings the same passion he possesses for the outdoors to his work. A master of 3D visualisation Scott is passionate about contemporary design, construction techniques, and customer satisfaction. He has been with us for 5 years but has been in the design industry for 19 years and still brings youthful exuberance to work each day.


Nick is an avid sportsman and handyman who loves his time in the gym almost as much as his time at work. Nick has been with Harvan Design for 5 years but has been handling Architectural Documentation for 8 years. His greatest strengths are his good attitude, adaptability, reliability, perseverance, and high level of motivation. He is as dedicated to documentation as to his family and friends and that is saying something with this young man (He doesn't even remember Bob Dylan). Nick is one of our managers in the office & performs all his duties with aplomb.


Brooke asked to join us this year (2017) in a volunteer capacity as he is currently studying his Diploma of Building Design.  We liked him so much we offered him a full time job & he has thrown himself fully into learning the ropes in our office.   As a mature age family man with a young family, changing professions can be a perilous time.  Brooke has shown that his application & hard work will ensure a long & successful career at Harvan Design.


Daniel arrived at Harvan in 2017 having over 4 years of experience in the Victorian residential design industry. His previous experiences in building companies means he fully understands the requirements of our builder clients. With experience in new home sales along with a speciality in I.T. implementation, he brings a variety of skills to the table. Daniel is a fairly passive and laid-back type of guy. There aren’t many things that will stress him out or get him worked up. He enjoys off-roading in state forests and the like, and has built up a Land Rover to take him where he wishes to go. It also gets him to work on time!


Originally from Perth, and after a life changing lap of Australia, Alicia along with her husband and two small children, decided to lay down their roots in Victoria. Alicia joined Harvan Design upon arrival in 2017. Alicia fits well into the office with her bubbly personality and enthusiasm. Prior to becoming a mother Alicia came from a commercial drafting background and is delighted to be back at work and achieving her careers goals. She has sound drafting and construction knowledge and a vast array of experiences. Alicia enjoys taking the kids to all the top tourist destinations Victoria has to offer, spending family time at the beach and exploring the great outdoors. She also likes to enjoy a nice glass of wine or 3.


Gavin joined the Harvan Design team in 2016. He brings with him a wealth of volume building knowledge. He is proficient in both architectural & structural drafting & has been involved in all aspects of pre-construction in a builders office. His addition brought the combined experience in the office to over 150 years. Proficient also in martial arts, the only downside of Gavin is he supports Hawthorn, but we don't let him talk about that.


Jingshi joined out team in 2015 & immediately slipped into the Harvan groove. Bringing 13 years of experience to the office, Jing is fluent in Mandarin which is helpful for our Chinese clients. He is married with one child & is a devoted Father & husband. Jing is extremely polite & if he doesn't respond it's normally because he is so engrossed in his work.


Andrew started with Harvan design in 2014 & quickly slotted into office life. He comes to us with 15 years design experience and a wealth of other life experience as well. A former Marine Technician in the Royal Australian Navy, painter & decorator, factory hand, hospital orderly & kitchen hand, Andrew's skills are many & varied. He has a keen eye for photography in the great outdoors & you will find him squinting into the sunset many nights trying to capture that elusive perfect print. Andrew has specialised in the volume building industry & has good experience in what builders need to see on their plans


In every office someone has to keep the boys in line. In our office that's Deanna. Responsible for accounts and keeping the business afloat, Deanna cares deeply about making sure things are running smoothly. Her friendly face & outgoing phone manner make her the ideal person to resolve any account issues in a prompt & efficient manner. Deanna loves a laugh but never at someone else's expense. She passionately cares about her family & friends and can be trusted to go the extra mile very time. Deanna has been with Harvan Design since it's inception and brings common sense with her every day to work. Her weakness...chocolate bullets (Aldi brand please).


Rose joined the Harvan Design family in 2019 & brings with her 5 years of engineering experience & 4 years of Australian building design experience. She is passionate about design, which runs in the family, as her father is a civil engineer by profession. Rose was born in Cochin, India & is a loving wife & mother of two little children. Her special talent, outside of design, is Indian Classical dance. She also loves to cook & travel with her family. Rose rates her three most important things in life as trust, dedication & love. This fits perfectly in the Harvan Design ethos & we look forward to watching her develop as a senior designer.


Lisa joined the Harvan Design Team in 2019 after many years’ experience in Administration & Personal Assistant roles within Education & Public organisations. She brings a sense of order to the office & makes sure the work flows smoothly from start to finish. In her spare time she is a wife & mother to 2 children & loves to spend time at church and camping with her family. Her daughter keeps her active as a ‘Calisthenics Mum’ & she serves on the State Youth Games Committee as well. We love having Lisa on board & she is enjoying the learning curve of working in the building design industry.


Steve has over 20+ years of building and home design experience and 16 years of mastering Revit. Steve likes to explore his creative side in music, painting, animation and photography and loves to get out into the wilderness hiking and exploring other countries and cultures. A lover of most sports and a keen cricketer and cyclist, who loves to watch the Le Tour, so doesn’t get much sleep in July. Steve is also a Collingwood member who loves to get to the footy with his old man. Just don’t mention Richmond’s record winning margin in the 1980 Grand Final!