Our history

In any area of life, where you have been determines who you have become. Past experiences dictate current specialties and we at Harvan Design have a long history of professional experience that will add value to your project.


Harvan Design was established in 1999 when Daryl Hargreaves & Warren Van Damme formed a partnership and began operating from an office in Berwick. Warren had a commercial window & photo background & Daryl a residential, which worked well in covering a wide spectrum of projects. Growing quickly to 5 staff within 1 year & up to 11 staff within 4 years meant learning new management skills as the project list evolved.


Whilst we did a number of large commercial projects the bulk of the initial workload was a result of successfully marketing ourselves to the larger volume builders. In 2003 we were producing in excess of 100 working drawings every week for builders such as Metricon, Henley Properties, Domain Homes, Pivot Homes, Northridge Homes, Freedom Homes, SJD Homes, Kialla Homes, Carlisle Homes, Porter Davis Homes & P & J Constructions, just to name a few.

At the start of 2004 the company had a rethink about repositioning ourselves in the residential market. Warren Van Damme left the partnership & Daryl Hargreaves took over as the sole Director. The office moved to 9 Old Trafford, Berwick & scaled down operations in an effort to service the individually designed boutique housing market rather than the high turnover, high pressure, repetitive volume market. While we maintained a couple of the quality builders which we still service, we shifted focus into more individual client based design.


We operated from 9 Old Trafford , Berwick for 11 years & the growth in both the quality of projects produced & the recognition of the Harvan Design name has been quite humbling. The move in April 2015 to our Pakenham office has led to a doubling in staff levels & huge growth in our capacity & experience.  From 2018 we have added new offices in Ringwood East, Bunbury & Perth as we grow with demand.