Oak Park Townhouses

High density doesn’t have to mean low class       and these townhouses in Oak Park prove the point beautifully.

Ode to Robert Wagstaff

Sometimes the only reminder we were here is what we leave behind.  These townhouses are a reminder of the life of one of our builder partners who left us this year 2018.  Quality never compromised.

Sherbrooke Apartments

Nestled in Ringwood at the end of the Eastlink Freeway is this immaculate set of 12 apartments.

Rymer Duplex

Duplex development with a modern twist.  From the cantilever first floor to the butterfly roof, this peninsula duplex flourishes in it’s seaside surroundings.

Buchanan Six

Six beautifully appointed townhouses on a lot in Berwick that set the standard for medium density development in old Berwick Village. Each one has different feel & sold quickly off the plan.

Prahran Pair

One of the first unit developments we ever worked on after the business started in 1999. This duplex development set the standard in a part of Prahran now known for it’s contemporary feel.


This was an interesting challenge with 4 town houses facing two separate streets front & back. Built i a part of Berwick known for it’s larger homes this development was aimed at young couples wanting a house in walking distance to Berwick’s main street.