Outlook Drive

A great example of how to turn an old triple fronter into a modern masterpiece. Buy the house for $350k, add $150k of improvements & sell for $650k. I’d say that’s six months well spent. The us of a mix of materials made this makeover the pride of Outlook Drive.


It’s always tricky when adding on to a heritage listed house. Trying to keep the original feel while making it livable for a young family is not an easy thing. I think Mary would like her modern feel.


The one & only horse stables we have ever done. Adding a second floor to an existing rural house not only added height but prestige as well ( and the horse stables aren’t far behind in the prestige stakes)


Set on large acreage with a spring fed dam & serenity to spare, this Spanish Mission mansion houses 9 children with ease. At least it does now that we’ve extended it buildin the courtyard & add some much needed space.